RockRollRepeat is one of the newest brand additions here at Sourpuss and we are absolutely obsessed with them and their amazing tees! We recently had the chance to sit down with Joshua Shame of RRR to ask him some questions.... What inspired you to start RockRollRepeat? I had been designing band merch for other people since 2004 (I still freelance sometimes), I wanted to make shirts that I thought were cool. Do you have a favorite of the designs you've done so far and why? There’s a story behind each one that makes me proud to produce them, but I think my favorites have been the collaborations I’ve done with other artists like Dara Moshonas who brought my Garbage Man idea to life and just nailed it. Street Walkin’ Cheetah is just classic, I actually put that one together while I was working counter at a tattoo shop, it was the first tee that I did that I was really excited about and I’m stoked so many people have noticed it. What do you see for the future of RockRollRepeat? I want to do more collaborations. Being able to reach out to some of my favorite artists, people like Ian Svenonious and Justin Pearson and Niagara, and them being totally down to work together still blows my mind. My Abort Unwanted Presidencies tee and the Justin Pearson collaboration also raise money for charity. More of that would be just fine with me. But there’s some custom apparel on the horizon, too, beyond just t-shirts that I’m amped about. Look out!    
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