Sourpuss Supply Drop: All New Dresses, Kids Stuff, and More!

You'll be the aquatic cat's meow in our new Kittens of the Sea Lydia dress! Adorable, tattoo inspired mermaid kittens, kitten jelly fish, and kitten squids adorn this bright, button up Lydia dress. But like...what if you want one kids, since it's totally tyke appropriate? Do NOT worry about it. We have that for you too! But it's not JUST the Kittens of the Sea dress. We also have all these other new super cute kid's dresses! Screaming monster ice creams (Ice Creeps, as it were), Kewpids (those'd be Kewpie cupids, on the off chance you didn't pick that up on first pass) and an incredible new Creep Heart collaboration! Last but not least: maybe you want to not get all dressy, and just need a classic monstery, gals' graphic tee. Hey. You're good on that front, too! Monsters, bloodsuckers, rocking bones, tattoos, big ol combinations of all of those things  and more are available on our super comfy, soft, black-as-night tees.
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