New Kustom Kreeps Patches & Pins

Kustom Kreeps PinsAre you a people person? The new Kustom Kreeps enamel pin drop for Spring '18 will show off your sparkling personality! The whole gang includes: Barbed Wire, Spiked Bat, Flail, Switchblade Comb, and the ✨glow-in-the-dark✨ Keep it Kreepy. Pins aren't the only new thing around here - a handful of new patches have also landed along with a special run of back patches.  New standard sized patches include: Switchblade, Straight Razor, Pinstriped Skull and Burnout The oversized patches are approx 10", making them ideal for the back of jackets, angled on the side of vests, popped on the front of work aprons, or smacked on the side of a bag. Find them all right here: Good For Nothing, Scumbag, and No Club.    
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