Spend $100+ Get 20% Off Your WHOLE F*%KING ORDER at Sourpuss!

It's last minute holiday shopping time. Why not ease a little bit of the stress of that whole endeavor by cashing in on a last minute holiday deal at Sourpuss? Right now, thru the Dec. 14 used code: JINGLE (1 word • all caps • retail only • doesn't combine w/ other offers • not retroactive) at checkout, and get 20% off any order of $100+. So grab some shit for those special folks that you need perfect presents for...or just treat yourself to the stuff no one else is gonna be cool enough to get for you. But what to buy, you ask? Here's some of our fucking favorite seasonal items now (see below)! Kewpies. Dressed as elves, snowmen, santas, and reindeer? Yes please. Check out this Kewpie Scuba dress (and our other holiday dress selections) HERE Mabe your tiered of the whole 'ugly Xmas sweater thing, and would prefer a genuinely comfortable funny as heck sweater for chilly nights and awkward parties. Welp. We got those! Merry Crustmas for pizza enthusiasts (and seriously: who isn't?) and our adorable Snow Kewpie sweater for enthusiasts of...well: realllllly cute stuff?  See those HERE. Finally: if you have a boring tree, guess what: you're boring. But don't sweat it: you can change that, with the help of these phenomenal holiday ornaments. Like, forget popcorn, we have sparkly, Leiderhosen Unicorns, Gold Squirrels in Underpants, Eyeballs, Hot Dogs, the Devil...you name it. If it's a weird-ass ornament you're looking for: we gotcha'! Shop all the best #SourpussHoliday stuff HERE.
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