Introducing...Miss Ladybug!

We are very excited to introduce a new vintage-inspired brand to our site - Miss Ladybug! From poodles powdering their noses to dancing mugs of beer, all tees and cardigans are designed by the talented and adorable Nana, the lady behind the brand. We were able to ask her a few questions to learn more! What was the very first piece you designed? nnn…I don't remember really first pieces… It should be Cutie Pie Doll Tee and Retro Kittens Cardigan :) You get your inspiration from lots of vintage items, what are some of your favorite vintage things? Yes! I love vintage clothes, purses, toy, furniture and all vintage fun items! Especially I love SPLASH ME DOLL from 20s. There are some chalkware dolls, soup, powder bottle of doll and books. I also LOOOVE Ideal company's Mini MONSTERS from 60s :) I have only Franky and Wolfy without box... I need to complete them! My dream is all complete with boxes!! I know you love monsters, so...if you could marry any monster, who would it be and why? nnn… If I get relationship, I like Wolfman! But Frankenstein is good if I get married :) Because I like wild guy but if I married I want to gentle and pure people to live together long time :) What does the future hold for Miss Ladybug? I would like to make more variety of items!!
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