Patch Yourself Up This Fall!

Break out your favorite jacket or vest - the time for embellishing has come! If you've got a thing for patches & pins (let's be real: who doesn't?!), then you've knocked on the right door! Just in time for tricks & treats, our new haul of Sourpuss iron-on patches & enamel pins will make you the Kings & Queens of Halloween. Is Halloween your way of life? Are you living for October? You're in good company! Our newest collection of vintage-inspired embroidered patches will spook you in very best way. Our Skull Mask, Witch Mask (my fave!), Cat Mask, & Dancing Skeleton patches are reminiscent of your favorite fabulously kitschy (and amazing) All Hallows Eve Decor! You can also plot a massive Batt Attack with our matching Batt Attack enamel pins & patches. (And don't forget the throw blanket you can't live without: here.) If you're itching for more, then grab up alllllll of our fabulous new Enamel pins, and let the world know that Halloween is Every Day! Are you a Black Cat lover? Want to show off the brim of your Witch's Hat? Maybe you've got a Heart full of Webs? Or maybe your heart belongs to our adorable costumed Kewpies! No matter what your dark heart desires, you'll be the most well-adorned kid on the block! So don't drag your feet! Even though Halloween toils in our cold hearts all year round, October only comes but once a year. Come now, and let no spot on your jacket be left blank!  
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