Cozy Up!

Fall is coming. Raise your hand if you're excited! In addition to all things Halloween, grab up these super soft, keeps-you-cozy Sourpuss Blankets! We've got three fab designs, guaranteed to keep you warm as the leaves start fallin'. Whether you like to keep it anatomically correct with our Skull blanket, need some pumpkin vibes with our signature Black Cats blanket or are looking to start a Batt Attack, you'll want to wrap yourself up and never let go of these super snuggly, unbelievably soft (trust me!) blankets! They're the perfect size for couch loungin' and will keep your abode looking amazing but watch out - visitors to your home may try to sneak off with one! To be on the safe side, better grab all three designs before they're gone because fall nights are meant for Halloween everything and your favorite throws!
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