New Dresses + Tops from Jessica Louise!

Feel like gettin' all dolled up, but tired of all your old go-to's for pin-uppy perfection? Hey: that's what we're here for. And check out these new lil' numbers from one of our favorites: Jessica Louise! Firstly: don't miss out on these Jacqui Dresses! These  dresses not only feature wide necklines, contrast piping, a ruched bust, and the perfect pop with their satin covered buttons, they also come in a couple of colorways everybody can appreciate: Black and Cats. Yes. Cats is now a colorway. Also: maaaaaybe you don't need a dress (you almost certainly do)...maybe a darling shirt is the thing you're hunting for to spruce up your end of summer look. Welp. Just look right below this. There you go: a whole slew of top options (toptions?) also from Jessica Louise. See everything in this post HERE. If you're so inclined. Let us know which is your favorite.
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