New Fred Perry Sizing? Oh No! What size am I now?

I am sure most Fred Perry fans know of the recent sizing changes but are not sure what to do. Before there were several Fred Perry Polos to choose from. There is the original Made in England M12 polo. There was the M1200 polo which was a regular fitting polo and the M3600 Polo which was the slim fit version. Most M1200 and M3600's are made in China. they are still official Fred Perry shirts like most companies Fred Perry does not always have it's items made in England. Many items are also made in China and and Portugal. Fred Perry did not feel the need to have separate sizing any longer so they eliminated the M1200 from their brand. While doing this they decided to change the M3600 to be less of a slim fit. They picked a happy medium between the M1200 and the M3600. The width of the shirt around the trunk is 4 inches wider. If you loved your M3600 size Medium before you might want to try switching to a size Small now. If you wore a M1200 you should be able to fit into the same sizing you did before unless it was super tight on your belly you might need to size up 1 size.  The good news is they add a 3X to their sizing! Not sure if an M3600 is the new or old style! There is a way to tell by looking at the tag on the inner seam of the shirt. The older style says Product: Slim Fit where slim fit is no longer mentioned on the new style which they are calling a Classic Fit. The M12 that is made in England remains the same with the sizing in inches. So stick with what you already order when it comes to purchasing them. Another slight change is the M6000 which is the solid plain Fred Perry Polo with no tipping. Before there was the M3000 which had a classic fit and a slim fit. Now there is just one fit. Similar to the new M3600 fit. If you wore the classic fit you can order the same size in the M6000 but if you wore the slim fit we recommend you go down one size for a slimmer fit. I hope this helps you with picking out what size you need. Have other questions? You can always shoot us an email and we will be happy to help you figure out what size fits you! Also if you order one and it does not fit we are more than happy to exchange it or refund you if you follow our return guidelines! We have a HUGE selection of other Fred Perry Items too!
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