We're Tickled Pink for Pickled Punks!

If you like your creatures with a side of cute, you're in luck! New Tickled Punks goodies are here and quite frankly, we're just tickled pink. Artist Isaac Bidwell brings the cute/horror/cute again with a brand new collection of plush, pins & prints! Introducing... the Merpug! This curious creature is the sideshow hybrid that you never knew you couldn't live without. Printed on heavy-duty paper, your new slobbery, ocean-livin' friend will bring you just the dose of furry, sea-farin' goodness that you need in your life. Grab your favorite little Punk (or 5) and give it a squeeeeeze. These adorable plush are the perfect accent or snuggle buddy! All of these positively monstrous little fellas are printed on cotton twill (to give them a high-quality, durable feel) and have fuzzy, faux-fur backs - just ready for squeezin'! And of course, for all  of my fellow pin fiends, set your sights on these vintage-inspired beauties! They're printed on wood and feature your favorite classics, like the Wolfman, Devil or Dracula, in that adorable Pickled Punks way. Need I say more? Go forth and get pickled!
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