Get Ready for Summer Beach Trips with Sourpuss!

Look: Summer's on it's way. And we all know the heat can kinda suck. But how to avoid that junk? Swimming! Head down to the beach, lake, poolside, swimming hole, really big puddle...wherever you're looking to take a dip; in style with one of our new 2 piece swimsuits! These retro-inspired two pieces feature high-waisted, fully lined bikini bottoms; and  tops with removable padding and adjustable neck ties. They're ultra flattering and definitely a necessary summer wardrobe staple! Junk food, monsters, vintage inspired patterns and more...all HERE! Gone swimming and need to towel off? Got you covered on that front too. Whether you wanna dry off with tatto0-inspired hot air ball0on, wrap up in an boozy anchor design, or just lounge on the sand with the Wu Tang Clan...we've got a towel for you! We're also stocked up on all the necessary stuff you'd wanna bring with you to make a beach trip fully successful: floats for you...or your drink, giant cupcake beach blankets for sweet lounging, and absolutely the best in oceanside reading materials. And just enough pinup-y accessories to dodge the sun or cool yourself down in the form of Sourpuss paper fans and gorgeous parasols!
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