Northern Soul w/ Warrior, Soaps with Mdm. Scodioli & More!

Keep the faith, pull an all-nighter, sweat to those soul get the point. Northern Soul revival is here, and you should get your wardrobe so right for it. But how? Glad you asked: Warrior Clothing, that's how. Soul fist socks, oxblood, white and yellow laces, Wigan Casino wallets, and perfectly proper and fit button ups are all good jump off points to get that classic soul night look on track. See these, and the rest of their awesome collection HERE. And before you go out to get moving to those classic back beats, make sure to wash up. Because what good is a stellar outfit if you smell like a gutter? And what better way than to scrub down with these new soaps from Madame Scodioli? With scents based on exotic spices, odd fruits, and delicate essences there sure to be a combo that you're gonna love! See all the options we got HERE. Maybe you want to dip into something a little darker than soul. A place of heartache and loss and longing. Well: we can outfit you for that too, with these new pieces from Disturbia. Long, barbed wire tops, spider web and lace shorts and open, chain backed dresses are just a few of our favorite new all black items coming your way from the grim overlords at Disturbia.
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