Walking Dead for your Canine Friends!

Does your best pup spend their night curled up next to you while you watch AMC's Walking Dead? When you're yelling at Rick or getting so sick of Carrrrllll, does he sense and therefore ease your distress? Well surely your furry friend should get a reward for his ability to calm your worried mind! Whether it's a zombie arm to gnaw on when he's feeling a bit neglected...or a special new leash to dress up like his favorite character (it's Daryl, duh) we've got you covered. Just in from The Coop, officially licensed Walking Dead goods that will make your dog feel like he's part of the televised action. A zombie splattered leash and bandana collar, made of durable denim over nylon webbing, will keep your pup close while he attacks undead intruders. Available in 4 sizes this collar goes great with the matching leash but can also be worn on it's own. All Walking Dead items available here:  
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