Punk Rock Bowling Essentials 2017!

Are you headed to PRB Las Vegas in a few weeks and looking for some style tips? Sourpuss is here to help! For those who don't already know...PRB is a festival filled with music, bowling, and even pool parties, all in the heart of Las Vegas, NV. We've found some ways for helping you keep cool in the desert heat! 1.) A bandana is a great way to dry your brow of sweat and doubles as a good way to get your hair out of your face in a jam too. We love this Red Rose Bandana for being as stylish as it is handy. 2.) What better way to keep cool than our Zombie Drinks Parasol? Pair it with 3.) these great Sadie sunglasses and you'll be avoiding those UV rays with style. 4.) We love all our one piece swimsuits, but the Twinkletoes pattern is just screaming rad retro bowling alley! Just add some 5.) Dickies shorts and you've got a look that can go from pool to show and back again. 6.) Accessories are always important. Cool off with our folding paper fan in the Love Cherries print and tell 'em to f off with this great 7.) (glow-in-the-dark!) enamel pin from Kreepsville. 8.) Another great outfit option is this sleeveless twin tipped polo dress from Fred Perry. Just pull on and go! Pair with this 9.) white tartan hip pack to keep all your essentials in and you're all set. 10.) If you've grabbed weekend passes, you're going to need a way to carry and travel with all your stuff in style! Our Fink Faces travel bag is HUGE and perfect for gals and dudes alike! Speaking of dudes...may we suggest these shirt options? 11.) The perfect parody Kill "Em All, Let Rod Sort 'Em Out! tee from Full Breach 77, a classic polo from Fred Perry 12.) in Port/Teal & White and the 13.) Slave to No One tee from Kustom Kreeps. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Sourpuss will be vending at both the Las Vegas and Asbury Park events! Be sure to stop by and say hi! For tickets and more info, check out punkrockbowling.com.
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