May the 4th Be With You: new Star Wars merch available now!

Every year, my nerd radar starts going off around mid-April, because I know that Star Wars day is coming!! Which means time to wear all the Star Wars things, say all the Star Wars things, and do all the Star Wars things. And now, it also means to eat out of all the Star Wars things!

We just got these great bowls, dinner plate and dessert plate sets in stock!! They're awesome because they all coordinate but they don't look completely the same. I know that there will always be a power struggle in my house for who gets to eat off of the Vader dishware (which obviously I win, because I am basically queen of the Dark Side). The villains always have the best outfits, amirite? These plates/bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe too, which is a total win.

And because everyone likes a little hate sprinkled on their eggs in the morning, the Darth Vader/Stormtrooper salt and pepper shakers are a must have! I'm pretty sure it's gluten free bread in this pic too, which really is already enough reason to be full of hate in the morning (tiny bread, gf person here) so you might as well keep it going! Ha!

On to the REALLY important stuff:

Holy. Crap.

So I know I said that the villains look the coolest, but there is NO denying the sheer amazing adorableness of this little Ewok wallet from loungefly! OHMYGOD it's literally (and I do mean literally) the cutest thing I have ever seen. Look at that little nose!!!! It's fuzzy and furry (vegan, of course!) and it's the perfect thing to carry around all year, not just May the 4th! EEk!

Loungefly is really killing it with their latest collection of Star Wars merch. They've got these great Dark Side tattoo flash matching purse and wallet, and the Rogue One mini dome bag is to die for! I love the little neon accents, it's the perfect touch!

We want to know, how do you celebrate May the 4th?? Leave us a comment below!

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