Spend Your Tax Refund Smarter + Harder w/ our TAXDAY sale!

Got a tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Welp, we've got a way for you to spend it smarter! Get more bang for your buck now thru April 22, when you pop in the code: TAXDAY (one word • all caps • retail only • doesn't combine • not retrroactive) at checkout! That'll get you 20% Off your ENTIRE order! Need some suggestions for what to pick up with those extra $$$? Be sure to check out the cryptic, mythic, fortunetelling beautiful creepiness from one of our newest brands in stock: FIENDIES. Planchette jewelry, spirit boards, and occult symbology pillows are just some of the offerings from these ethereal geniuses! See it all HERE. And don't miss out on new Kreepsville 666 Mars Attacks skater dresses and pinup-y perfect polka dot capris from Hellbunny! See these and all the other newness HERE.
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