Keep On Kreepin' On

Your heart will do a macabre little dance when you feast your eyes on these new dark delights from Kreepsville 666! Fulfill all of your most fearsome wardrobe fantasies and fend off those pesky daytime dwellers with the new haul from one of our most favorite companies! Be the black widow and wield your dangerous web in your new Kreepsville 666 Spiderweb Skater Dress. It's got everything that you're looking for in a venomous package: Skirt just made for twirling? √ Super flattering & comfortable fit? √ Enticing enough to lure them right into your dangerous net? √ Grab yours and start spinning your silk! Always remember that two Skulls (or heads!) are better than one! So tote your most beloved necessities in this new Kreepsville Skull Backpack. It's made of latex & is the perfect size to hold all of your favorite new Kreepsville Pins, Patches & Jewelry! So hurry & sling your new backpack right over your shoulder - you'll be grinning as wide as the Skull on your back! If you're pining away for your beloved Lenore and you've been hearing a very strange rapping at your chamber door, then keep the Raven close to you in our brand new Kreepsville 666 Nevermore Striped Off the Shoulder Top and Nevermore Striped Mini Skirt. It's the perfect way to pay homage to the literary classic & wear a bit of your darkness on your sleeve (or your skirt.) Don't wait until a midnight dreary to claim these new Kreepsville 666 goodies for your very own! Lay claim to yours now or lay claim to them Nevermore.  
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