All Cardigans are on Sale!

Cardigans? We got 'em, you want 'em. And right now we've got 'em on sale, too! All of them. Pop in the code: CARDIS (one word • all caps • doesn't combine • retail only • not retroactive • doesn't combine) thru 4/10 at checkout, and snag any of our lovely, adorable, Spring-perfect cardigans for 20% Off! See all the options we have on these HERE. Too much sleeve action in all those cardigans? Don't worry, we have options for those who want to let their upper arms see some sun: namely, T-shirts. LOTS of new graphic tees featuring some absolutely classic album art from some of our  favorite bands. We're sure you'll like 'em as well! See 'em all here. Finally: we've been 'ooo-ing' and 'awwing' over these amazing new exclusive post earrings. Puppers and kittens galore. But you know, in earring form. These are a limited run, and only available on our site, so....what're you waiting for?
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