Suavecita Pomade and Fine Cosmetics!

We've long been fans of Suavecito. Their product quality has always stood the test of time for our customers and while other pomade brands have faded away, Suavecito has continued to grow and expand. That's why we were so excited to see their newest endeavor, Suavecita, burst into the market. Ladies have often had to sacrifice scent and hold when trying to find a hair product with equal capabilities as their male grooming counter parts. Now, not only is Suavecita making delicious smelling hair goodies that garner those much coveted qualities, they are also offering lipsticks in a plethora of alluring shades. Be sure to check out our latest Suavecita additions to the Sourpuss site: dry shampoo, silkening serum, shower gel, and body spray. We also have oil blotting sheets for those roasty, toasty summer days ahead and lipstick colors that will make your mermaid dreams come true. Find it all here!  
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