Sourpuss Featured Retailer: 23 Skidoo!

23_skiddoo_post_1a What is your name, and what is your job title at 23 SKIDOO? My name is Sandi, and I'm the owner, queen bee, mamabear at 23 skidoo. Tell us more about 23 SKIDOO! When did you open and what's changed since then? What did you do before 23 SKIDOO? What's the best part about your job? 23 Skidoo opened in August of 2001. We used to be a small boutique featuring only vintage clothing, but we've now grown to a store DOUBLE the size of our last location! And we sell lots of awesome retro brands like Sourpuss, which are a great compliment to the vintage! One stop shop for ALL things cool! Best part about my job is helping people look fantastic! And we are the only ones in the area that carry these killer brands, so our customers get to show off their one of a kind looks, too! What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Cheeeeese. I love cheese. Leiden on a little bit of bread, maybe with some butter... yum! What is the most important appliance in your home? Most important appliance is probably my 1930's Roper stove. It's survived all these years, is strong as an ox, and cooks everything perfectly! Do you have any irrational fears? Irrational fears? Yes. Have you seen Tourist Trap? Because mannequins coming to life and screaming at you is the WORST. (If you haven't seen Tourist Trap, go watch it. You'll thank me later.) 23_skiddoo_post_2 Do you like Sci-Fi movies? -If yes-What's your favorite? Sci Fi? Oh god yes. Star Trek and Star Wars all day long. Don't make me choose. Have you ever ridden a camel? Never ridden a camel. Only seen them at the zoo. What are you most excited about in the coming months? (Feel free to answer for yourself or for 23 SKIDOO) I'm excited for our new location!! We are bigger and better, and are ready to kick butt in 2017!!! Bring it!! **Editors Note: 23 Skiddo has a brand new location, and they can be found at: 427 S. Bascom Ave. San Jose, CA 95128** Anything we forgot to ask? You forgot to ask how I feel about Cher. I love Cher. Visit 23 Skiddo on the newfangled internets at: Instagram: 23skidoovintage Twitter: 23skidoovintage Facebook: 23skidoovintage
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