I Want All the Dumb Junk!

What is Dumb Junk? There's not much to it! I draw what I'm interested in, and I make what I would want for myself (and then cross my fingers that others will also dig what I'm doing)! Overall, it's about being kinda creepy, kinda sleazy, kinda kooky. What was your first product released? I originally set up shop selling prints of my artwork and original pinstriping, but, as my work developed into the more product-based Dumb Junk we know and love today, my first REAL product was the Wolf Call patch - a retro, sleazy wolf winking his way into every wolfess's heart. Describe Dumb Junk in 3 words! Misfits, Weirdos, and Oddballs Tell us about the Ticked Off pins! Those little jammers are pins with a purpose. When my wife was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (which unfortunately went undiagnosed past the point of being easily treatable), we created those pins to both help offset the ongoing cost of her treatment and to donate to ILADS, a nonprofit dedicated to educating physicians and finding the proper treatment for Lyme and the co-infections associated with it. What are your thoughts on the patch and pin craze happening right now? It's been incredible for both artists and consumers alike. A lot of underground or up-and-coming artists/designers have been able to make a name for themselves in a relatively short amount of time by creating these tiny pieces of flair. Meanwhile, consumers have been able to, in some cases, finally get a piece of affordable artwork by their favorite artists - and in other cases, been able to get a new piece of merch from fellow fans of their long lost pop-culture favorites that either stopped producing, never produced, or produced very little consumable merchandise at the time of their popularity. Any new items coming out we should know about? I'm currently working on a few new pin and sticker designs! I don't sit still for long, so there is always something in the works. See More Dumb Junk Here! (<----Click here for the link.)
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