Mick Jagger originally wanted The Stones to play the Droogs!

In 1971 Anthony Burgess released the movie A Clockwork Orange, here we are 45 years later and it's still a cult classic. We just recently received in some new memorabilia. You can check it out here: A CLOCKWORK ORANGE MERCHANDISE



  • Did you know, Mick Jagger originally bought the movie rights for $500? He also wanted the Rolling Stones to play the Droogs.
  • How about this, A Clockwork Orange is one of only two X Rated movies ever nominated for an Academy award!
  • The milk curdled under the studio lights so they had to wash and refill the Korova milk at least once an hour.
  • Nadsat is a made up language, a mash up of English Russian and and slang.
  • Gene Kelly -the original singer of Singing in the Rain was not impressed with the rendition in A Clockwork Orange.
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