The F*ck Valentines Day Gift Guide

fvday_giftguide_1 Feelin' a little bitter? Hearts and candy and doilies not your cup of tea? Well, okay. Maybe keep the candy, but here's a list of the perfect gift ideas for those of you who'd rather just give Valentine's Day a big ol' middle finger. fvday_giftguide_2 1. ) This set of cupcakes has a special message. And that's to Eat Shit and Die. These patches make a perfect pair no matter where you decide to attach them! 2.) PORK takes the meaning of DIY to a whole 'nother level with their glitter Do It Yourself enamel pin. 3.) Fill this Shit List pocket notebook with your lame exes and all those other jerks who have ever wronged you. 4.) Forget thank yous, send someone a FU with this greeting card! 5.) So maybe that marriage didn't quite work out, but here's to new beginnings! Celebrate with the Woo Hoo Divorce greeting card from Betty Turbo. 6.) Take my tears and take this Tainted Love handcreme from Tokyomilk. The scent of dark vanilla bean, orchid, white tea, and sandalwood just might have them running back... 7.) Let 'em know how you feel about their bullshit with this glittertastic BORED pin from Cult Revival! 8.) Serve your favorite jerk (or yourself) on this JERK plate. 9.) Tell ‘em to GFY... with this perfectly sweet and innocent enamel pin. Suitable for warding off unwanted suitors - just pin to your favorite jacket, coat or vest. 10.) Wanda Woodward got it right when she uttered those famous words..."Beat it Creep". This necklace is great for warding off undesirable suitors! 11.) Add some sass to your nails with these decals of conversation hearts with phrases like "Ur Ugly", "Jerk", "Go Away" and "Get Lost". 12.) Throw on this black and pink, knit Fuck You Hat and let everyone know "I know this pom pom is adorable, but go ahead and F right off."
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