Your Valentine's Day Wardrobe from Sourpuss!

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching (take a trip to any grocery store or pharmacy and you'll get whacked in the face with it) and just in time, our Valentine's collection has arrived! We've got something for everyone - lovers and haters of the holiday alike. Let's start off with something that will literally give you warm fuzzies, shall we?


The Cat Lady Doll Baby dress is basically the best thing ever made in the history of dresses. It features an AMAZING print, created for us by the super talented and awesome Stacey Martin-Smith, and the fabric is a dreamy chiffon. It's fully lined, has a smocked waistband for easy wearability, and two cute bows at the adjustable straps. Seriously - get it. Right now!! You don't JUST have to wear it on Valentine's Day. It's a perfect year-round dress for us cat ladies!

sp_fatally_yours_dress_1 sp_fatally_yours_dress_3

The Fatally Yours dress is walking the line of hating Valentine's Day but isn't quite giving up, either. This dress still believes in love, but it's cynical. It's got personality and style, just like you! It's also made of a buttery, silky polyester (that doesn't feel or look like polyester!) and it's fully lined. It has a little bit of stretch, gathering at the bust and a soft mesh netting at the hem. This print was created by Philly tattoo artist Kyle Fitzpatrick especially for us! It's also great, and perfect year-round.


The Brokenhearted Party dress also features the bleeding heart print by Kyle Fitzpatrick, but this one is made from a stretch cotton poplin, has adjustable/removeable straps, and light padding at the bust. It looks great paired with our Black Pointelle Cardigan, and it's a little bit more laid back and less fancy than the Fatally Yours dress. It's perfect for a party, but not stuffy or too complicated!

sp_candy_hearts_rosie_dress_1 sp_candy_hearts_rosie_dress_3

The Candy Hearts Rosie dress is at the other end of the spectrum. You wear this, and the message is loud and clear! There's nothing I love more than wearing something that from afar looks so sweet and cute but then when you get close enough BAM! Not so nice anymore!!! The Rosie dress is one of our most popular styles - it has a very figure flattering 40's style silhouette, and two contrast buttons at the chest.

With so many styles to choose from, it's tough to decide! Do you go adorable cat lady or cheeky candy hearts? It's up to you!! Happy Valentine's Day from Sourpuss!

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