New Pins + Patches, and the Last Days of our Double Sale!

sp_pins_patches_1 Liven up that pin and patch collection with these sweet, colorful, new additions from Sourpuss, perfect for fans of: Ice cream, monsters, bat wings, and telling others to fuck off (or eat shit...your call). They're all...well, they're all just terrific! See the whole lot HERE. sp_pins_patches_2_rt Oh, and that's not the only new stuff we got in. We're also loaded up with quality new tees for basically, all the best bands. Pick your poison from this killer collection. sp_pins_patches_2a_rt Last but not least: there's only a couple more days left for our Double Sale! Grab any on sale item for an additional 50% off w/ code DOUBLEUP (1 word • all caps • retail only • Doesn't combine)...only thru Jan. 22! Seriously, don't wait: some of the styles up for grabs are only gonna be available right now, as we may not be restocking them...meaning once they're gone; they're gone. See everything that's on sale, and eligible HERE.
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