Sourpuss Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts for the Monster Fiend!

topten_monster1 It's that time again! We'll be bringing you a series of fun gift guide for all the hard-to-shop-fors on your list. First up, gift ideas for all those monster fiends! 1. & 2.) Funko's take on the classic Universal Movie Monsters are just about as cute as it gets. Wether they're into Phantom or the Wolfman, there's a Funko toy for them all! 3.) Bring some monsters into your kitchen with our original Monster Mosh design placemats! They're made of PVC so they're easy to clean and is just the spooky fun you need! 4.) What lurks in those dark waters? Why, it's the Creature from the Black Lagoon! Carry this classic monster around in your pocket with this great bifold wallet from Rock Rebel. 5.) These Monster salt and pepper shakers bring some fiendish delight to your dining table. Our glossy, black shaker set features the Monster and his Bride on one side, and their designated seasoning - "Salt" or "Pepper" - on the other. 6.) The Monster Collage Tank Dress from Rock Rebel has one of my favorite prints of all time. All the greats are featured here: Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein, the Mummy and more! 7.) No, not Joey and Johnny - we're talking about the Ramonsters - Ghouls and Weres! Kreepsville 666's take on this classic band logo is perfect for your favorite fiend! 8.) It's ALLLLIIIIVEEEE! Sport one of the most classic of the movie monsters -Frankenstein's Monster - along with his maker and Igor, on this fun tee with a full color print. 9.) Keep that pomp' in place with our Kustom Kreeps Monster Attack medium hold pomade! It's minty fresh scent and monster green color are just a bonus to how good that hair'll be lookin'. 10.) Everyone's favorite monster print on a barrel style purse with all over classic horror movie pattern, now featuring sparkle green vinyl sides! This bag is a nice generous size too so you can take it all with you.
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