What to wear: Holiday Edition

If you're like me, then you like to have something different to wear to every event.  I don't want to wear the same dress to the office Christmas party that I wore to the neighborhood gathering at the dive bar down the street. So, I put together a list of perfect holiday styles and where to wear them. Enjoy!

The Event: Christmas dinner at your in-laws

The Dress: The Fuck You sweater dress, of course!

Just kidding! It's actually the Cave Creeps babydoll dress from Iron Fist. Because you want to look cute but be able to eat all the foods you want without having to worry about busting a gut (or a seam.) And it's velvet, and who doesn't love velvet?


The Event: Your SO's office holiday party

The Dress: The Vivienne Velvet dress in red by Sourpuss

You want to be festive, but don't want to be too buttoned up, so the Vivienne Velvet dress is perfect! It's dressy but not too fancy, and you can imbibe all you want without worrying about making yourself water cooler fodder in the morning, because you'll look like a classy broad all night no matter how much Christmas cheer you consume. (Also, it's velvet. Did I mention that I love velvet?)


The Event: YOUR office holiday party

The Dress: The Wishbone Party dress by Iron Fist

I assume that since this is a holiday party where you'll be surrounded by all the people who have come to know and love you (or hate you, if you're that person in the office, in which case this dress is great anyway because you'll look amazing and everyone will be totally jealous), that you'll be able to have a little bit more fun with your outfit! SOOOO the Wishbone Party dress is the obvious choice. It's sparkly, it has a tutu, what more do you need?? It also looks great worn with a pair of Docs so you don't have to go all out and wear heels (unless you want to, of course.) It's all about cuteness and comfort! This dress has both in spades!


The Event: A holiday cocktail party

The Dress: The Hostess dress by Sourpuss

Whether you're hosting the cocktail party or just attending, this dress is THE ONE. You will literally be the best looking hostess (or attendant) there ever was in this very vintage-inspired dress. It has a velvet bodice (velvet! shocking!) and an amazing stretch bengaline skirt with a retro diamond border print. AND the skirt is fully lined so you don't have to worry about sweating our weird clinging.

sp_hostess_dress_1The Event: Baking Cookies with friends or family

The Dress: The Sherry dress in red polka dot by Wax Poetic Clothing

Baking cookies has turned into quite the event with my family. We spend all day in the kitchen, telling stories, eating all the Hershey kisses, and just bonding with each other. I don't always wear dresses to baking day but if I do it'll be the Sherry dress! It's made out of a stretch cotton so it's super comfy and it won't make you too hot while you're baking - and it also has a cutout in the back neck (with a bow!!) for extra ventilation. Annnnd it looks super cute with an apron. AND how cute will you be holding a tray of cookies while wearing this dress? Hello, new profile pic!


The Event: Boxing Day/The day after Christmas gathering

The Dress: The Twin Tipped Dress in mahogany by Fred Perry

Do you have to get dressed to go to it? Yes? Then it's an event. I love Fred Perry, and I love these dresses because even if you've got the meat sweats from the night before you still look great as soon as you put one of these polo dresses on. No one will even notice the food baby that has sprouted over the last 2 days, because you look SHARP. Also it's kinda holiday-ish without being so in your face about it.


The Event: Hanukkah

The Dress(es): The Sail Away dress by Steady and the Retro Diamonds dress in mint by Sourpuss

If you're going for the very traditional blue and white, then it doesn't get much better than the Sail Away dress. It's got a classic silhouette with an adorable stylized collar and little anchor embroideries. It's perfect for a festive family get together - and that shade of blue looks amazing on virtually everyone!! (Bonus - it's on sale right now!)


Buuut if you're looking for something that's maybe a little more representative of the Festival of Lights, then I think the Retro Diamonds dress is the perfect choice! The allover diamond pattern totally makes me think of twinkling lights, and if mint's not your color we also have it in lilac and red!


The Event: Christmas with your cats

The Dress: The Pussycat skater dress by Killstar

Once again, do not judge me. I saw this dress and thought it would be the cutest Christmas dress to wear while opening my cat's stockings for them. It's like I could be one of them with my own little bell and collar.

Also it's cute and it's velvet.


The Event: New Year's Eve

The Dress: The Vamp dress in black by Switchblade Stiletto

If you want to send off 2016 with a bang (and let's face it, I'm pretty sure most of us wish we could actually shoot 2016 at this point), then you NEED I mean NEED to get your paws on the Vamp dress. It's smokin' hot, and that mesh cutout in the middle is fire. It doesn't matter if you're going out or staying in, it's the perfect dress to say a big ol' FU to 2016 and raise a toast to new beginnings! No whammies!


Have any suggestions for holiday dresses you'd like to see next year? Leave us a love letter in the comments!



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