Retro Clothing Buenos Aires: Sourpuss Feat. Retailer for Nov. 2016!

retro_clothing_ba_1 SP: What is your name, and what is your job title at Retro Clothing Buenos Aires? Hi we are Analia and Javier, we are the owners of Retro Clothing Buenos Aires Tell us more about Retro Clothing Buenos Aires! When did you open and what's changed since then? We opened our door in 2008, basically because here in Argentina we could not find awesome clothing, so we decided to contact the best and most cool clothing brands from other countries and bring them to us. We started with only 10 shirts, since then we haven't stopped growing. Fortunately we are able to send the products we sell to all parts of Argentina and every we try to outdo ourselves What did you do before Retro Clothing Buenos Aires? Javier: I fabricated and distributed straps for musical instruments Analia: I was a receptionist at a lingerie factory What's the best part about your job? Javier: Checking our back account at the end of each month, lol. Truthfully the best part is meeting different people from all over the country, hitting up conventions and setting up our booth, and being able to manage our own hours Analia: Always being able to keep some of the clothes that we sell, lol What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Javier: Milanesas with french fries Analia: Milanesas with creamy mashed potatoes What is the most important appliance in your home? Javier: The television Analia: The tv and the oven because I enjoy cooking retro_clothing_ba_2 Do you have any irrational fears? Javier: Sometimes when I live my apartment I think to myself that is going to burn down ( I might be crazy) Analia: Cooking and handling raw chicken, the texture of the skin freaks me out (lol) Do you like Sci-Fi movies? Javier: I don't like sci-fi much, I prefer horror films Analia: Yes!! transformers, Jurassic park Have you ever ridden a camel? Javier: Not being drunk at the moment, I can not recall nor answer that Analia: No, never, but perhaps some day What are you most excited about in the coming months? (Feel free to answer for yourself or for Retro Clothing ): Javier: I'm super excited about a bunch of conventions that are happening soon, I have this giant need to travel and live new experiences. Analia: I'm very joyful that Christmas and new year are growing near. I enjoy celebrating the festivities with the people I love and mostly I want to travel and bring new products to Retro Clothing Buenos Aires Anything we forgot to ask? Javier: I put a little bit of myself in every answer Analia: Lol Where can folks go to visit you online? Instagram: Facebook:
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