Our Favorite Coffee Mugs!

coffee_header At Sourpuss, we love our morning beverages may it be coffee or tea. What's better at getting your morning going than an awesome mug to look at while you're getting your caffeine on?! While we have a huge selection of unique mugs for you to choose from, we've selected a few of our favs... coffee_main Rise above with our exclusive Black Coffee design, which also happens to be perfect for those who like their coffee sans cream and sugar. Do you know a lover of all that is sriracha?! This Sriracha mug is perfect for them! Made to look like the iconic bottle of hot sauce, this mug is hot, hot hot! Oh narwhals, the majestic unicorns of the sea. Make your coffee magical with this adorable mug from Kitsch n' Glam! Light a fire with this Pinstriped Devil mug, perfect for your favorite greaser fella! Do you know a lady who means business? Make sure everyone calls her by her proper name, Boss Lady, with this mug. When you want your coffee blacker than everything else, reach for this Coffee Pot mug featuring a twist on one of metal's most iconic bands. Feeling punchy in the morning? This Brass Knuckles coffee mug is perfect for working out those anger issues. Our Sputnik mugs (also available in white, green & blue) fit in perfectly with your retro kitschy kitchen! It's impossible to look at this mustachio'ed sugar skull dude and not smile. Fill him with coffee and you've got an awesome day ahead of you!
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