Sourpuss Staff Spotlight: Meet James!

SSS_header_james Meet James. If you've ever ordered anything from us, chances are James has shipped it. He's an all around great dude, full of southern charm n' wit, and his face even pops up in our guys section as a model from time to time! SSS_james_1 Hi James! So, what do you do here at Sourpuss? I'm in charge of shipping for the retail side of Sourpuss Clothing. When our customers place an order on I print and sort the orders every weekday morning and they go out into the warehouse to be picked. When they come back to my desk I double check that the items are correct, package them, and ship them out based on the method selected by the customer. Most of us wear a few different hats from time to time but that's 99% of the job I do here. I also do my best to keep the retail team entertained with my Southern charm and rapier wit. Before you got to Sourpuss, you had some pretty interesting jobs…what were they? I've had to wait tables like everybody else. I also inspected homes during construction so that the crews got paid for the work they did (and did not get paid for work they didn't do). I've even done construction and home renovations myself. In fact, I still do historical carpentry in my free time. But the one that catches people off guard the most is that I was a high school science teacher in Georgia before coming to Philadelphia. I taught a little bit of everything including environmental studies and biology but my favorite was Physics followed by Chemistry. I especially enjoyed teaming up with the physics teacher across the hall and doing the zaniest outdoor demonstrations we could get away with! They probably revised the rule book after us! You’re also in a couple of bands, correct? Tell us more! I had played in the Atlanta scene back in the day. But after moving north, I co-founded a band here with some drinking buddies that picked up instruments and played out for fun. We called ourselves the Bikini Spiders and it was like a mix of New York Dolls meets the Dictators. A friend of ours called us Philly glam punk and we were cool with that. Unfortunately my best friend and singer had to move to Detroit for his job so it's on hiatus for now. My current band is Explosive Head. It's full-on, high volume rock 'n' roll. I joined the band a little over 2 and a half years ago right after I came to Sourpuss. I was just a temp working in the warehouse back then and was approached about it by the owner, who is the other guitarist. Last year we were able to tour England. It was a wild ride to say the least! SSS_james_2 Excluding Explosive Head and Bikini Spiders...If you could play guitar in any band, existing or past, what band would that be? That's a tough one for sure. There's so much that I listen to day-to-day so it's difficult to give a consistent answer. But I have to say that I would like to have played with the Swampers. They were the legendary studio band behind all of the famous recordings coming out of FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in the 60's. That would mean playing on the great soul records from Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Percy Sledge. I was actually able to meet Jimmy Johnson who played guitar on those records before I moved to Philadelphia. It was surreal to be able to talk with him about his life in that scene. What are some of your favorite items that we sell? The Kustom Kreeps line is really expanding. There are some really awesome new T-shirts and the cotton is super-soft and comfortable to wear. I'm excited now that we are selling the Kustom Kreeps western shirts. I have one of the prototypes and can't wait to buy them all! I own three pair of the Dickies skinny jeans too. They have a great fit for someone like me and they are built like a tank so I know they will last. I can go home after work and do carpentry and they hold up. And of course, you can never have too many Motorhead T shirts! We know you’re excited about being a Dad soon! So in closing, please share with us your best “dad joke”… Ha! I just heard a great one the other day from Ginger in retail. Here goes… An Australian park ranger said to a koala “You do realize you're not a real bear, right mate?” The koala replies “I don't see why not. I feel like I have all of the koala-fications!” That's solid gold right there!
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