All the New Sourpuss Dresses are Here!

New_SP_Dresses_Mailer_RT_1 Welp. If you were looking to treat yourself to a new dress....seems like now might be the time. Right now, we are absolutely swimming in amazing new dresses that are as fun as they are timelessly stylish! Whether your looking for some gold and black patterning, classic retro-inspired diamonds, lush polka dots, creepy skulls, or illustrated phases of the moon: we got you. Click the above links to grab the perfect little number for you or hit the link HERE to see the whole new collection. New_SP_Dresses_Mailer_RT_3 Into the idea of hanging some traditional looking pennants, but not necessarily a sport-o? Don't worry: Sourpuss hears you. We've got pennants for all the kids out there who are more comfortable in a studded, patched-up leather jacket than in a team uniform. See them all HERE. New_SP_Dresses_Mailer_RT_4 Finally. It's summer. It's time to hit the beach and dive into the ocean or kick back by the pool to dodge the scorching do that: you're gonna need a swimsuit. But just because you have to go out in the sun, doesn't mean you have to give up your love of all things dark and dangerous. Say hello to the Killstar line of swimwear. All black everything, so you can stay grim while having a swim. Oh also? Kustom Kreeps new Western shirts. I'm not even gonna write anything about them, because they are the best. Just get them all, already.
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