Richard Allen Re-Issues are here!

richard_allen Skinhead, first published in 1970 and a huge cult bestseller, nearly fifty years on, it remains one of the most potent artifacts of British popular culture ever committed to print. Suedehead is the second of Richard Allen’s era-defining cult novels featuring anti-hero Joe Hawkins. First published in 1971, this new edition features an introduction by Andrew Stevens. Both books were written by Richard Allen which is a pen name for James Moffat. He was a Canadian-born UK writer who wrote at least 290 novels in several genres under at least 45 pseudonyms. These reissues by Dean Street Press are priced at $15 and are a great addition to any library. They tell the story of Joe Hawkins! The first book Skinhead tells the story of a 16 year Joe, whose life is ruled by clothes, beer, football and above all violence – violence against hippies, the authorities and anyone else unfortunate enough to get in his way. Moffat's pulp novels mostly focused on youth subcultures of the late 1960s and 1970s, such as skinheads, hippies and bikers. In Suedehead, the same character Joe's story has continued. He is a little older and his hair is a little longer and he is going for greatness!  A must read if you are into youth cult fiction. Collect them both!
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