Crazy Cat Ladies of the World Unite!

Cat LadyGreetings my furry friends! You'll be purrrfectly pleased to know that we've been trying our darnedest to find all of the most adorable kitten worthy goodies around. Sure to adorn your house, office, or person with good feline vibes, these products will keep your kitty with you always. (Even when they are basking in the sun in the other room making you pine for their ever fleeting affections.) Every Crazy Cat Lady needs a metal lunch box to tote around their meals. The familiar metal clanking of this sturdy Cat Lady emblazoned box will remind you of that time Tiddliwinks hid in the kitchen you frantically searched for her whereabouts, everywhere. Crazy Cat Lady bandages...surely you need those as well. Mr. Whiskers did get a little too feisty on that catnip the other day... All it took was one catnip crazed swat of the wrist for you to be forever scarred by his plant induced indiscretions! Cat Lady Socks will keep your feet well protected (sorta) from the nocturnal attacks you've become so familiar with. Whether you made the mistake of shifting in your sleep or walking past a door Fluff Fluff was peeking under, ease that familiar prickly sting with these cottony comforts. Crazy Cat Lady Patch, yea you need this too. Whether you have one cat or one hundred, those days of talking about Jinxsie's new hat in the office have already awarded you some sideway glances. Why not proudly represent your cat life with a patch that says it all. World's Best know your cat is the best. But does Debra in accounting know? Well you better tell her, you better tell her good! This ceramic trophy can sit anywhere you'd like (I'm looking at you Debra) to ensure everyone knows your the best cat. Paws down! If there's one thing your hairless cat Alejandro loves, it's curling up inside your oversize hobo bag. Why not give him something to purr about with this cat wallet from Loungefly? No animals were harmed in the making of this wallet so Alejandro will approve...and maybe not chew on it...maybe just the corners...a little bit. Aw and last but not least. The only love letter you ever need is one from your cats. "Thanks for taking care of me Maw", you might imagine it to say...or "put food in my bowl lady who feeds me"...or "stop singing that song before I come over and bite you, annoying humanoid creature"...whatever the sentiment, Marshmallow wants you to know she loves you in her own cat-like kinda way. Just remember if it all goes South and you get really desperate to communicate with your furry little loved one, this Cat Talk gum will make you an expert in cat linguistics. Totally eliminate the need for human contact...forever. talk_with_your_cat_gum_1    
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