Pack Your Bags! We're headed to PRB LAS VEGAS!

PRB_header1 Punk Rock Bowling is swiftly approaching - yeah - this weekend! Are you going but you aren't quite sure what to pack? Let your ol' buddies here at Sourpuss lend a hand... prb_mainimage First things first, whether it's a 1.) backpack; 2.) an overnight bag; or 3.) a crossbody're going to need something to carry all this stuff in. Also, Las Vegas is HOT and sunny. What better to protect your noggin and your eyes than with a great 4.) Descendents snapback hat and some 5.) killer red sunglasses? There's also a lot of walking and standing involved so your feet are going to be super happy in these comfy 6.) Bette Canvas/Suede Loafers from Fred Perry. This wouldn't be a complete post without including at least a few band t-shirts...7.) Black Flag and 8.) Descendents Silly Girl tees go with just about anything you throw on. Are you in a league that's bowling? Throw some major attitude at the other teams with either of our classy sock options: 9.) F*ck You or Piss Off should help get the point across. Of course you're also going to need a thing or two for the pool party like this 10.) Iron Fist Loose Tooth Swimsuit and to dry off.. 11.) our Tattooed Hearts Beach Towel! Sourpuss Clothing will be vending! Come find us and say hi!
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