Meet Ben Sherman...again!

We previously carried Ben Sherman and as soon as we saw the new Heritage Line, it made us super excited to carry this popular British brand again! We are hoping you will get excited over the new stuff too!
Ben Sherman was started in 1961 by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman aka "Ben Sherman". He started his company in Brighton after returning to Europe from the US. There was a huge mod movement in England and everyone was in line to purchase his famous Oxford shirt! Soon virtually every British pop group worth their onions sported his product, including The Animals, The Troggs, The Who and The Kinks, while a new group of young kids, influenced by American Ivy League, made the garment their own. BEN-SHERMAN-1 The Romford Polo Line Sticks with the traditions of the original Polos. They have a twin tipped collar and sleeves. There is a fun button on the back of the collar that sets them apart from the rest of the brands. We currently have 3 color choices available Red, White, and Black. BEN-SHERMAN-2 The House Check Button Down has to be the flagship design for a Ben Sherman button down! This mod cut shirt has a classic red, white,  and blue check pattern, a 2 finger roll down collar, and a slim fit! BEN-SHERMAN-4 The Harrington Jacket will always be a staple in many brands. The Ben Sherman version steps it up a notch by changing out the standard Red Tartan plaid with their House Gingham! The Vented yoked back and 2 button funnel neck were standards on the classic Harrington. BEN-SHERMAN-5 Ben Sherman teamed up with Alpha Industries to create their own version of the MA-1 Flight Jacket. Made from authentic military flight nylon, this navy blue bomber has twin tipping on the hem and cuffs! The original bright orange lining of the standard MA-1 flight has been replaced with Ben Shermans House Gingham! Be sure to check out their entire Ben Sherman Line Here!
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