The sweetest dress ever is here - the Most Cake dress from Sourpuss!

There are a few phrases I never knew I'd utter as a designer/stylist. "Now bite the cupcake. But delicately. Don't just chomp on it" is one of them. Normally I'm just saying "no, don't do that." Ha ha! We had such a fun time shooting our Most Cake dress with one of our newest Sourpuss models, Marissa. Of course we saved this dress for the end of the day and all of us were starving... so I probably should have just let her eat the damn cupcake. But I digress!


This dress is made of the most comfy, flowing chiffon. The waistband is smocked so it's super easy to get on, and it's flattering on literally everyone! Of course the print itself really makes this one a stunner - the vibrant colors and all the cakes make for one very confectionery look! Why wouldn't you want to look like a dessert cart?


Oh and in case you were wondering, she did get to eat the whole cupake. We do feed our models! (sometimes.)  >.<




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