Sourpuss Staff Spotlight: Meet Ginger!

SSS_header_ginger Meet Ginger. She's in charge of a lot of the things you see on the retail side. Most descriptions are written by her and she's also responsible for keeping track of inventory and the like. If it wasn't for her keeping the inventory in order, we'd have a mess of a warehouse! In addition to all that, she also runs her own button business on the side called EvoL Soul. Keep on reading to find out more! SSS_ginger_2 Hi Ginger! So what do you do here at Sourpuss? Like most people here at Sourpuss I do a lot of different things! I like to think that I write puns all day! But truthfully my official title is – Retail Inventory Supervisor! Sounds important right? So I check in all the merchandise that is not Sourpuss branded merchandise ie: Fred Perry, Steady, Kreepsville, etc. I create item numbers for each item and write 80% of the product descriptions for the items. Then I label everything and put them away so that the order pullers can find them in our warehouse. I also keep track of inventory of my side of the warehouse, update social media, and help out with retail orders whenever needed. I have worked here for so long I kind of can move around or fill in where needed. Sometimes you can find me at our retail booths at flea markets, tattoo conventions, and sponsored events! You also run your own side business, EvoL Soul. What made you decide to start making buttons? Well who does not love buttons? I originally purchased a button maker over 10 years ago because I was hosting a scooter rally and wanted to make buttons and decided that it would sort of pay for itself if I made the buttons for the rally instead of paying someone else to each year. My biggest problem was for years I did not own a color printer so I would have someone print the buttons for the scooter rally for me and I would make them or I would go to Kinko's or Staples to have things printed which seemed a little counter productive. So one day ten years later, I decided I wanted to do something to make a little extra cash on the side to help maybe start paying off my student loans or just have some money to fix up my house. So I purchased a pretty decent color laser printer and set off to make buttons! After coming up with the name and a theme of what I wanted to do with the company. I set up an etsy store, purchased the domain, and created all the social media accounts and started to hunt for my first customers. I also started hustling for customers by asking my friends bands, and friends that worked for businesses that were having events that needed something inexpensive to give away to passersby. It is really a lot of hustling to get the jobs and to keep them coming. I mean I do not mind selling one button here and there on etsy but I really enjoy doing a huge order for a band headed out on tour or a company with an table at a street fest or event at the convention center! What is your favorite button you've ever made? Personally I just made one that has a black cat on it... and it says Black Cat Lives Matter. I do not know why it amuses me so much. I do not even have a cat anymore! And when I did, he was gray! But seriously I know that black cats and black dogs are the hardest animals to get adopted out at the shelters and I thought it was sort of relevant with the whole Black Lives Matter and the All Lives Matter hashtags why not make this for animals too? Who does not love anything with a cat on it, right? SSS_ginger_3 Aside from making buttons, how else do you spend your spare time? In the spring and summer I try to attend a couple scooter rallies for nerds like myself that collect or ride vintage Vespas even though my personal ride (a 1980 Sparkly Pink P200) has been out of commission for the last 2 going on 3 years. And I plan the July 4th Independence Day Scooter Rally in Philadelphia with some friends. I am a die hard football (soccer) fan! So from March through October I have spend almost every other weekend going to matches to watch the Philadelphia Union! I stand in the supporters section screaming and chanting for the team! I try to go to see bands and hit up some of the Soul Dance Parties in Philadelphia on the weekends I do not already have booked! So I stay pretty busy! In the winter I hibernate and get seasonal depression and marathon watch every show that comes on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime while cuddling under a blanket with my rescued Boston Terrier, Dexter Doodlebug! If you could hang out with any musician (living or dead) for a day - who would it be and what would you do? This is a very hard question! Mainly because if I was 12 years old and asked this question it would have been Ozzy Osbourne. But on my 13th birthday I was taken to an Ozzy concert and got to go backstage and meet the whole band. If it was 1999 I would have said The Business but I ran a website called back then and pretty much got to go to all my favorite bands shows and meet them afterwords to do a silly little generic interview for the website and take photos! So meeting someone that is a musician is something I use to love to do and got to meet most of my favorite ones over the years to where I am still friends with most when I just happen to run into them in NYC or at a show in Philly. But the only two people I would like to I would say Morrissey. I don't really know what I would ask him except for why are tickets to his shows so freaking expensive now! Come on no show should cost $75! Not living? David Bowie - I would most likely ask if he could play me a special concert but only music from the movie Labyrinth. Are there any ways you plan on expanding EvoL Soul in the future? I have tons of BIG plans but do not want to expand too quickly. Remember it is my second job and it is not really paying the bills! I love working for Sourpuss and not having the stress of running my own business as a way to pay the bills is wonderful. I am slowly expanding. I would like to be a one stop shop for a small band to get their buttons, patches, stickers, and any other merchandise that they would need for a table at a show or to sell online. Plus I am slowly increasing my product line to include embroidered patches, enamel pins and cut out vinyl decals which should be in stock in the next week or two. I have a bigger plan in the works and this small time operation will hopefully build up a customer base for the bigger picture if I can ever find the time and cash flow to work on it. Until then I will make buttons for bands and things I think myself and friends would want to purchase for my little store. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- website: instagram: @evolsoulco Facebook: evolsoulco
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