Underground Spotlight: Maureen Duffy Jewelry

US_header Sourpuss is proud to announce our current Underground Spotlight: Maureen Duffy Jewelry! Maureen has been making jewelry for over ten years and in addition to being a jewelry designer she's also a mom of three boys and teaches her art to others in her own studio. maureen_1 We're currently carrying the most bad ass "Mother" necklace we've ever seen (pictured above), but if you love that you'll also love her traditional tattoo inspired line which is available through her etsy shop. Anyone in the Philadelphia area can also take advantage of her $50 workshop special that she currently is running. You can redeem it for any of her classes in the future and learn a new skill! For more info follow her on instagram: @maureenduffyjewelry or her website: maureenduffyjewelry.com
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