Pinterest Happy Camper Giveaway!

HAPPY-CAMPER-2 Are you a fan of getting out into good ol’ Mother Nature? Well here’s your chance to score a set of all 4 of our Burlap Pillows, a perfect way to bring a little comfort of home out on your trip into the wilderness. How do you go about entering said contest? It’s pretty darn easy, actually: 1.  Follow us on Pinterest. 2. ​Create your own “Happy Camper” themed board. 3. Get pinning! Be creative and have fun. Pin as much as you like, but just make sure to pin at least 5 things directly from the Sourpuss website. 4. Share your board with us! Head on over to our Contests Board and look for the image above. Then, just post your board in the comments. Easy-peasy. 5. On April 22nd – Earth day! – We’ll pick a winner. The winner will be announced on our Pinterest Contests board after they have been contacted about their prize. Remember – points for creativity!  
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