Sourpuss Featured Retailer of the Month: Overdose Unlimited!

OD_Unlmtd What is your name, and what is your job title at Overdose? Alain, and I'm 50% owner, the other 50% is Deborah Tell us more about Overdose! When did you open and what's changed since then? I opened Overdose Nov 30th, 1990. At this time I was selling vinyl records. The name was Vinyl Overdose. In 2003 I renamed it Overdose Unlimited, I added clothing, accessories, chili sauces, etc. and a tiny tiki bar...In 2013 Deborah and I became business partners, we stopped selling vinyls and we made the tiki bar much bigger, and we named it Dan'ton-Ku Tiki bar. What did you do before Overdose ? I Worked in the watches industry (of course...) and Deborah was running a famous bar in Bienne named Underground or UG. Endless nights, gallons of cheap alcohol, and loud music. I was a dj there for many years.... What's the best part about your job? Talking with the customers, showing our beloved items to sale, including sourpuss, of course... And drinking some cocktails :-) What is your favorite thing to drink when out with friends? A huricane or a local absinthe OD_Unlmtd_2 What is your favorite smell? Not feet... Curry maybe ?? Do you have any irrational fears? I don't believe so, but Deborah does not like spiders. Do you like horror movies? Yes :-) What's your favorite?  No one in particular, but I love late 50 and definitely vintage... Debo loves the news ones! Have you ever fed an elephant? In fact yes... As kid, when the circus was in town! What are you most excited about in the coming months?  (Feel free to answer for yourself or for Overdose) New stuff from Sourpuss and the summer!
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