Introducing Relco London - This is a Modern World!

We love menswear at Sourpuss. We cater to a person that appreciates clothes that were worn in the 1960's during an era of the mods and the rockers. We have our own line geared towards the rocker types called Kustom Kreeps. We however carry many brands that stick to the original stylings of modern fashion of the 1960's. I always find it amusing to call some of the lines we carry mod revival because the fashion styles have never really gone out of style. Most pieces are classic and timeless. If you purchased a button up in 1960 from Brutus it is very similar to the same shirt that you can purchase in 2016 from Brutus and you will not look like you stepped out of a black and white television show or that you are playing dress up. The same thing goes with the new brand Relco London. relcobuttondowns We recently picked up a new line of menswear to add to our growing mod collections called Relco London. Relco London creates super stylish button down shirts with a box pleat and slim fit and make use of bold colorful plaids. They all have a vented notched sleeve with decorative button. They are made in a similar style to any Ben Sherman or Fred Perry button down but with a price that any working class man can afford! Sizes run from small to 3X. We currently have 4 styles in stock to choose from for under $50.
  1. Bottle Green Check
  2. Blue/Navy Check
  3. Black Oxford
  4. Red Tartan
relcoharrington Relco also makes a classic Harrington Jacket. This style jacket was originally made popular by a brand Baracuda and worn by Elvis Presley in 1954 film King Creole and in many movies that featured Steve McQueen in the 1960's. This timeless style jacket was worn in the 1970s by ivy leaguers, mods, ska kids. And it continued to be worn through the 1980s by bands like the Clash. This style jacket is still worn today by bands such as Franz Ferdinand and members of Blur, along with almost any youth culture that sprang from the 1960's that still exists today. Get yours today for under $60! Sizes run from Small to 3X. relcobraces Relco London also has 5/8th inch braces that are made in London! These are available in 5 color options and can be used on almost any pair of pants! Braces were super popular among the mods and the ska kids! Get them to match your shirts, your boots, or your laces! One size fits most! Under $20!!!!  
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