Sourpuss Visits The PSPCA

        Prepare yourself for your daily dose of "DAWWWW" and "Look at that face!!"
Seriously - look at that face!!
        We here at Sourpuss love our animals. If you only knew about our inner office emails of adorable little fur babies, it would melt your heart. So when we happened to have a boat load of unsellable beach towels (they had a misprint, but were still perfectly good towels) we knew they had to go to a new home. Enter the Pennsylvania SPCA.
        Calyn, our guru of all things Sourpuss, and I took a trip to drop of said towels - all 700+ of them.
Our vehicles were packed to the brim! We figured while we were there, we would try to find out a little bit more about our local SPCA. Plus we got to play with some cuties, like Milhouse. He approved of our donation.
          We were lucky enough to get the grand VIP tour of the facility by a wonderful fellow by the name of Ross. He filled us in on the history, and why the PSPCA is really so important. One of the first things he told us was that the Pennsylvania SPCA is not associated with the ASPCA. So when you make donations to the ASPCA thinking it will go to your local shelter - it won't. The Pennsylvania SPCA is 100% donor funded, they receive no funding from local government. Yep, 100% donations. Oh, and their yearly budget is about 9+ million dollars. That means without the help of some great volunteers, grants, and lots of donations, this place wouldn't survive.
           I hear what your saying,"9 million dollars?!? Holy cow! Why so high?" Well, let's break it down for you. The Pennsylvania SPCA is not just a shelter (it's a no-kill shelter, woohoo!), they have a 97% live release rate, and they are also dedicated to ending animal cruelty. So where does that money go? Here's just a few things:
          -The PSPCA has 3 locations: Philadelphia (Erie Ave), Danville (for livestock animals), and a satellite location in Fishtown, Philadelphia.
         -They have Humane Law Enforcement officers out in the field investigating cases of suspected animal abuse. (Their Cruelty Hotline is 866-601-SPCA)
         - What happens when they seize animals? It doesn't end there. They have to build a case and prosecute said jerks. That means lawyers. Lots of time and energy goes into ending animal abuse.
         -The average cost to house an animal is $40 per day. That includes animals that are adoptable, as well as animals that are being held because of active abuse cases.
        -They take in all animals (and yes, they have seen it all!)
        -They have a 97% live release rate. Why so high? Because they don't give up on any animal. Dogs don't just sit in the kennels and get bored all day. Volunteers and employees work with them to help them become more "adoptable." It's not just a shelter, it's rehabilitation too.
       - The facility has a full vet staff to care for the animals, and they even have a low cost wellness clinic for outside animals.
         Ok, let's get back to all of the cute stuff, shall we? Are you a fan of cats? Well, the PSPCA has this fun, interactive experience where you can play with their cats remotely! It's called iPetCompanion. Log on from the comfort of your own home and watch the cats relax, or play with them. Go ahead, try it. You know you want to.
         After visiting all of the kitties, it was time for the dogs - my favorite! I seriously wanted to take them all home with me. One of the great new programs that the PSPCA just started is a Transport Program. Since the PSPCA has a no kill policy, and there are so many shelters around the country that just cannot afford to do that, they created a new program to transport animals from kill shelters up to Philadelphia, where they have a better chance at getting forever homes. This program is still in the beginning stages - they're currently working on renovations to house more animals - but last year alone they saved 500 animals!
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