Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend!

Diamonds Are you looking for something just a bit more... spectacular? Or do you just need to be dazzled? Well, hold onto your hats because this train's about to take off. Next stop: Gorgeousville. Population: You, me and our Diamond Dress makes three! The new Sourpuss goods are rolling in and we've got just what the doctor ordered to get that special swing back into your step! Our new Retro Diamonds Dress is perfect for every gal - it is so flattering and so comfortable, with stretch to highlight your fab figure (including a luxurious stretch satin lining), v-neckline and an absolutely fabulous retro diamond pattern. It doesn't get any more spectacular than this! With two new hues for spring, you'll be shining bright like that diamond that you are! So take your pick between our gorgeous Lilac Retro Diamonds Dress or our showstopping Mint Retro Diamonds Dress. Or go for broke and get yourself both because we all know that the only thing better than one diamond is two!
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