EDC: New Necessities for Fellas at Sourpuss!

EDC_Sourpuss Wallet. Phone. Keys. These are the absolute must haves before leaving the house. But, like, we all know that you need more than that to handle any and all daily business. So let's talk about it. • Wallet. Obviously a priority. But why just carry that same ratty canvas foldover that you've had since 8th grade? Step up your money holding game  with any of these fine Wallets. • Pants. You wear 'em. They need to stay up. Keep 'em up in style with these amazing new embossed leather belts from Sourpuss. Death Before Dishonor. Yup. Or WTF. FTW. Your choice. (*Sidenote: there are, in fact, more choices) • So now you've got a belt...what better way to subtly accessorize that than by popping on a leather embossed belt buckle! Have some faith. • Hats. We all need a hat at some point. Whether you went and got yourself a f--ked up haircut, or whether it's just tooooo damn cold out: the solution?   Hat.   You COULD NOT do better than this simple, elegant, cap from the fine folks at Sailor Jerry. • Beer. Let's face it. Sometimes you need to carry all these things, because you absolutely need to go out and have a beer. Well. They don't open themselves. Cover that base with this handy dandy Kustom Kreeps switchblade style bottle opener. Looks pretty sweet tucked into the back pocket of your 501's, too.
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