Sourpuss Staff Spotlight: Meet Kaeti!

SSS_kaeti_1 You've most likely seen some behind the scene shots of our staff on facebook and instagram, but we're doing a new series where we go one-on-one with our employees to find out what makes them so awesome! Meet Kaeti. She's our retail buyer and is responsible for a lot of the fun things we carry on our site. Also, if you've been to any recent events where we were vendors, you've most likely had an encounter with her there as well. She's a wearer of many hats around here! And to top it off - when she's not busy with the Sourpuss side of things... Kaeti also has a side project where she sells patches, handmade glitter brooches, and more called Cult Revival.


Hi Kaeti! So, what do you do here at Sourpuss? Like a lot of us fine folks at Sourpuss I do a handful of things. Mostly I manage accounts, retail buying and marketing, and I can usually be seen working tables at local events! You also run your own creation, Cult Revival. How did that develop? What made you decide to start making patches and pins? I've been selling vintage on etsy for about 6 years now. I always try to think of ways to combine my love of kitschy old things, creating things, and being a Mom so Cult Revival was a way to mash that all together...and to stop me from becoming the Junk Lady in Labyrinth....because, that's a thing. What does your creative process look like? For patches, kids apparel, or pins it usually involves me thinking about what's important to me or parents like me. I try to make things I know my 17 year old would like and some that can involve my 4 year old. Using glitter in resin is like a dream come true for her so usually she works on her own little glitter and glue projects while I work on mine. It makes the creative process fun and enjoyable and I have her obsessively swooning over things once they are un-molded which is always a good time...especially when she hides them in her room...and I can't find them. SSS_kaeti_3 A lot of your pieces seem inspired by sci-fi and pop culture. If you could hang out with any fictional character for a day who would it be? Hmmm that's a mighty difficult question! I'd say Lionel from Dead Alive or Charlie Kaufman from Adaptation. I like meek and socially awkward characters crippled by their own anxiety. I find it oddly endearing and relate-able. Haha. No adventures for me, just wanna hang out with the self loathing folks..! Are there other products you would like to make to expand the Cult Revival brand in the future? I'm currently working on a few ideas and trying to reign them in so they flow well together. That's the trickiest part for me, I have a lot of energy and interests but also get bored easily which is a terrible combination. I'm working to hone that in a bit. Adulting is hard! I know there's other folks like me though so I'm really just trying to speak to my people. I hear you strange ones, come forth and join meeeeee! What’s one thing about Cult Revival that you would like people to know? Every resin item I make is one of a kind, can take up to three days to make, and is meticulously poked and prodded by a total crazy person (see above). I feel like everyone deserves something a little special that they can cherish as theirs alone. No resin pouring assembly line applicable. "It's all good stuff!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can follow Kaeti on instagram at: @kaetisourpuss and Cult Revival at @cultrevival and also on etsy: Cult Revival
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