Get Cozy!

BlanketBlog1 Forget your snuggie - we've got brand new throw blankets,  just in time to help you ride out the rest of the winter cold-snap! We've got two awesome new designs of our super comfy throw blankets that are ready to warm you right up! Let our friendly little Octopus wrap his tentacles around you... and by tentacles, I mean the adorable ones ready to wrap you up in some fluffy, fuzzy goodness. You'll be swimming in a super adorable, satin-trimmed sea of softness! Frankly, one of these fleece wonders is definitely not going to be enough. For those days when you just need a little anatomical accompaniment, our new Skull blanket is the just the ticket. That's right, it's our Anatomical Skull paired up with an amazingly plush blanket. Exactly - just another reason to binge-watch t.v. and never leave the house. You're totally welcome! We've got all the goods (like these pillows!) to help you slip out of Old Man Winter's grasp and beyond. So check 'em out here and snuggle up - it's gonna be a cozy ride!
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