PORK! It does a body good!

catsDo you find yourself yearning for the Sassy filled days of your youth but in a much cooler and more subversive "Gee Wiz, I'm an adult now?!" form? Have no fear, the Rock & Roll purveyors of all that is awesome are here! PORK Magazine out of Portland, Oregon has been bringing bright, bold, and unique bits of goodness to the music and Lowbrow scene since 2006. And now with their fine patches, pins, tees and more in GOBLINKO MEGAMALL you can carry a little PORK with you wherever you go. We caught up with PORK Magazine recently to learn what makes these folks tick and here's how it went downnnnnn. So first things first, tell us all about you! What's your job at PORK and why does it rule so much? SEAN: Me & my wife Katie ARE PORK & GOBLINKO - so it's kind of weird to give us a job title - but we work together to put this whole thing together & we have complimentary skill sets that have helped us build this project from just us in our little room in a group house of artists when we first started going out, to a company in two houses with seven employees. We both come up with all the ideas, I draw, write & do design, Katie does photography, fabrication & the business side of things & it works out great. We really LOVE what we do & it's really what we want to be doing & I think that energy is carried forward in all our projects & people can feel it. For non PORK readers what are folks missing that they just can't get anywhere else? SEAN: If I could boil it down to one thing - I'd say that what you get in PORK is the spirit, the wild-assed spirit of Rock&Roll that everyone who gets into this stuff is trying to catch & harness. That spirit is one of the main things missing from so much of what's out there today & it is the most important thing in what we do. PORK also provides a depth & context to what we're into, without being academic or record-collectory about Rock&Roll & Lowbrow art. We wanted this thing to have the living, breathing energy of a new cultural movement, even though it is rooted in a lineage & a tradition. It's the real deal. Almost as a yin to the Rock&Roll yang - we dig deep into the Weirdness - which is that stillness in the air of graveyards, the things you see moving in the shadows, the specters of the unknown & the unknowable. Your patch and pin offerings in the GOBLINKO MEGAMALL are some of the best around, do you have a favorite? My favorite patch is "Fuck What People Think" & my favorite pin is "Pizza Knife". Your customers are super loyal, how has their fandom helped to keep you guys inspired to do what you're doing? It's really inspiring to see how our products become part of our fans' lives & how each patch or pin or t-shirt or button helps embolden these Weirdos to be themselves. One of our favorite things growing up was the Muppet show & I feel like our fans are a bunch of Muppets & we're helping them to know themselves & be proud of who they are. What's one thing about PORK that folks would be surprised to know ? Katie comes up with our most offensive ideas & never backs down from them! http://goblinkomegamall.com/ Sean Äaberg GOBLINKO http://goblinko.com/ 541.556.5778 P.O. Box 90296 Porkland, OR 97290 Check out PORK products available from Sourpuss Clothing here!
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