Sourpuss Featured Retailer: Empire Skates!

Empire Skate Shop Maybe you don't know, but here at Sourpuss, we love us some roller derby. probably knew that. Well: an equally awesome derby supporter is Empire Skates outta Upland CA, one of our favorite shops specializing in all things skate-related. Check out our quick interview with 'em below.SP:What is your name and position? Amy Frilot aka Amyzon, Co-owner of Empire Skates.
SP: Tell us more about Empire Skates! When did you open and what made you decide to open a shop?  We opened in November 2014.  I have been involved with roller derby for 8 years, running a roller derby league, and it was always my dream to open up a skate shop. My boyfriend sold skateboards out of his basement when he was 13, so I thought it would be fun to combined rollerskates and skateboards and fun things like Sourpuss clothing all in one shop.  I wanted to open the shop in the Inland Empire of Southern California because there was nothing close by to the local roller derby teams.  That's why I called it Empire.
SP: What did you do before working at Empire Skates? I worked in the staircase industry, selling stairs and wood parts, since I graduated from college in 1995.
SP:What's the best part of your job? The best part of my job is helping people find something that is perfect for them.  I love when people are so happy with their purchases.
SP: What are some of your favorite things to do in Upland, California? Roller skate, hang out at the restaurants and bars in Historic Downtown Upland where the shop is located.
SP:Favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Mashed Potatoes!
SP:What piece from the new line are you liking the most this season and why? I love the cardigans and sweaters!
SP:Best place you have ever traveled to and why? Best place ever traveled:  Paris, France.  The history and the culture is amazing.  Horrible what's happened over there with the attacks.
SP: What is your favorite aspect of roller derby? My favorite aspect of roller derby is the empowerment of women.  I love the amazing sisterhood and instant family and friends, it brings into people's lives.
SP: Anything exciting coming up for the store? If so please fill us in!  This is our one year anniversary, we just want to thank all of our friends and customers who have supported Empire Skates.
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