Get Your Frankengal Fix!

Frankengal Are you or someone that you know a total Franken-fanatic? We've got the most frighteningly delightful collection of Franken-finds that you won't be able to live without! We're honoring Frankenstein's main squeeze, his Frankengal! Looking for the perfect adornment to your denim? Look no further - because our easy-to-iron on Frankengal patch will keep your denim game positively electrifying. (Psst - we also have a whole collection of other amazing patches here, so why stop at just one?) Wear your favorite babe two ways, year-round with our Frankengal Raglan Tee and Frankengal Cardigan. Why? Because Halloween is everyday (obviously) and you can never have too many adorable ways to show it off. You'll love our goes-with-anything Frankengal Raglan Tee - it's 100% cotton, super flattering and is comfy as all get-out! You can also add some oomph to your wardrobe with our Frankengal Cardigan - also 100% cotton, featuring your favorite gal on the back and two embroidered bats on the chest. And don't forget - we've got all the goods for your home, too! Grab up a Frankengal porcelain tumbler - it holds 12 oz. of any potion that pleases you. You can also have this babe spruce up your shower (and display your hair goals) for all to see! Or serve up your favorite snacks to satisfy any monster in our Frankengal candy dish- this baby is microwave & dishwasher safe, woo! - or use this little beauty as a decorate way to scare up some fun around the house. Grab 'em now because they're going fast! Trust me, you'll be feeling Fan-Franken-tastic that you did!
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