DIY With Sourpuss!: Stenciled T-Shirts

DIYbanner_stencil stencil_tee We're creating our own t-shirts today with this super easy method of using freezer paper to create stencils! This heart lock design is perfect for Valentine's Day and we're including a bonus key stencil to make matching mommy and kiddo (or one for you, one for your significant other) tees. Let's get started! stencil_1 What you'll need:
  • Freezer paper
  • Sponge brush
  • Fabric paint (we recommend the "soft" line from Tulip)
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • T-shirt (pre-laundered)
  • Cardboard (to put inside shirt before painting)
  • Stencil (you can download from here:
  • Iron and ironing board
stencil_2 STEP 1: Cut a piece of freezer paper to be the same size or slightly larger than the stencil. Placing the stencil print-out on top of the freezer paper (flat side up), tape both pieces down to the cutting mat. Using your x-acto knife, carefully trace around the inside pieces first, then trace around the exterior. Don't toss those inside pieces! You'll need them! Carefully pull the stencil and tape off the freezer paper and set all three freezer paper pieces aside. stencil_3 STEP 2: Heat up your iron to the appropriate cotton setting. Iron the t-shirt. Place the main freezer paper part SHINY SIDE DOWN. Iron in place, paying careful attention to make sure the corners and edges are securely ironed down. Then take the interior pieces, eye up where they go, and press with the iron as well. STEP 3: Take the cardboard and insert inside the t-shirt. This will protect the back of the shirt from getting paint on it. stencil_4 STEP 4: Squeeze out some paint onto a paper plate or palette and using your sponge brush, gently fill in the lock image with paint. You may choose to do a few layers to get a more solid look. LET DRY. The Tulip soft fabric paint takes roughly 4 hours, but please check the instructions on whatever fabric paint you use. STEP 5: Once the paint has dried completely, you can peel off the freezer paper and discard. Now you have a snazzy new shirt!  stencil_tee2 Matching key and lock tees! 
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